What files do I receive after my session?

It's important to know what you're getting as an output from your session.


Each of my packages includes at least one full resolution digital file, but thats not all you receive. Whether you opt for one final image or ten, for each one you'll receive a variety of files for different applications.


Full Size Image

The first file you'll receive is a full resolution image at maximum size giving you a master file that can be blown up to much larger sizes if needed. 

Recommended Crop Images

This file is also full resolution at maximum size after applying my recommended crop. 

Additionally, you'll receive another version of this image that is optimized for the web. 

LinkedIn Optimized Image

This image is cropped into a square format, and sized to work well on LinkedIn. 

In this example I'm showing an overlay circle to demonstrate how the image is positioned to work within the LinkedIn circle format.