Engaged to a Deployed Soldier | Military Photographer

A friend of mine is currently deployed in Afghanistan with the MN National Guard, 257th Military Police Company. This month he mailed an engagement ring to his girlfriend with instructions not to open the package until they were able to connect on Skype.

Using modern technology he was able to propose to her all the way from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Amazing! I can imagine how hard it must be, not only just to be serving over there, but to be away from loved ones for a year. Oh, and she said yes!

To celebrate their engagement, and maybe make things a little easier, I offered to take some surprise engagement pictures of his fiance’ to print and send over. We went to Stillwater where they first met and visited some of the spots they went together on that first day.

We coordinated to unveil the images to him online while they were on a Skype call… and from what I hear of the reaction, it was exactly what I wanted. To bring a little bright spot to an otherwise gloomy situation. Hearing of the joy a few pictures brought reminded me exactly why I love photography.

Thanks to all who serve our great nation, your sacrifices big and small do not go un-noticed.