Firefighter Walk - Duluth to White Bear Lake | St. Paul Photographer

When my friend of almost 20 years told me he was going to walk from Duluth to White Bear Lake to raise money for an all-terrain rescue vehicle, I told him he was crazy.  He agreed with me, but did it anyway. 

Not to see him walk alone, two other firefighters from the White Bear Lake Fire Department vowed to join him. They were dropped off on a Friday morning and walked 16-20 hour days, arriving home the following Tuesday morning.  

Along the way they encountered amazing outpourings of support. As news of their adventure spread, well wishers greeted them with donations and supplies, and Fire Chiefs in various towns offered them a roof to sleep under.  

I met up with them four miles from their final destination and walked in with them, documenting the last leg of their journey. The emotion of the day was incredible, culminating when they were reunited with their families, young boys looked at them like heroes and tears were held back as they recounted their story to news crews. 

Here are a few highlights....