High School Senior Sport Portrait, Behind The Scenes

Coming into the 2016 High School Senior season I've been looking through last years work and thinking about some of my favorite images. This one definitely sits in the top five. 

Jordan is an elite mountain bike athlete, ranked number one for her last three years of high school. We wanted to capture some great shots of her and her bike, and showcase how dominant she was in the sport. 

To create the images, I found an open field and dragged out a couple of PCB Einstein studio strobes. The main light I put in a beauty dish and the second light was used as a rim light with just a 7" reflector. It was evening and the sun was starting to go down, so I was able to shoot at f/8.0, SS 1/160 and ISO 100. We were lucky with the clouds that evening; what you see in the final images is the real sky. Had it been a clear night I could have opted to drop in a more dramatic sky in post-production but it wasn't necessary here. I just used Photoshop to enhance the image slightly but when it came out of the camera it wasn't too far from the finished result. 

Here's a behind the scenes shot of the setup, and then the end result.