Dance Studio Advertising | Studio Vibe Dance & Performance

I recently worked with Studio Vibe Dance & Performance to create some promotional/marketing images, representing some of their performances as well as birthday parties that they offer.

I've included some of the final images below, along with some before-and-after and behind-the-scenes images.

This first image was my portrayal of a Jazz performance titled "Counting Bodies Like Sheep", where a young girl is having nightmares. 

The final shot after editing.

The final shot after editing.

This is the "before" editing shot.

This is the "before" editing shot.

And here's a behind the scenes shot of where the image was created. I used two edge lights that were gelled orange to try and recreate the feeling of night-time street light pouring into the bedroom window. Camera right I had my main light, and to the left I had a large box for some additional fill. 


This next image represents a performance modeled after the famous board game, Clue. Each individual was shot separately on a grey seamless background, then cut out and placed into a composite image, using a background I shot while in Scotland.

Below is my setup for shooting the individuals, using two gridded soft boxes as rim lights, and a westcott octobox as my main light. 

This last set of images were designed to use the studio's "Girl Party" performance to create images that could be used to advertise birthday parties at the studio.

And a little behind the scenes again, just a main light above the camera, with a light behind the girls to brighten up the background a little. 

I hope you enjoy the images as well as some of the background on how they were created!