A new step, for a new generation.

I'm ready to announce a major new step as a headshot photographer, and how I hope to help the next generation of leaders. But first.... let's take a brief step back.


When I first followed my passion project in headshot photography I didn’t know where it would take me. I simply gave myself the goal to become the best headshot photographer in Minnesota and off I went honing my skills. 


Here’s the problem with that. Well, two problems really. First, becoming the “best” is a fairly ambiguous goal. How do you measure it? Secondly, why does it matter? Is being the best really what it’s all about? 


Through a number of experiences I had this summer, I spent a lot of time reflecting on why I was doing this and what the next step was for me. In the beginning, being a naturally competitive person, working to become the best was a great motivator. It drove me to immerse myself in the craft, and while there is some satisfaction from growing and improving, I realized it’s not where the joy lies.


The joy lies in creating incredible images that make my clients happy, improves their self-confidence, and helps them on their career journey. Hearing them speak of how fantastic an experience they had and having them show up better in this digital-first world is tremendously satisfying. 


Building the goals of my business around a purpose that brings me joy and positively impacts others is much more meaningful than simply trying to be “the best”. Coming to this realization has been incredibly powerful in leading me to my next step on this journey. 


It’s hard to argue that an amazing digital first impression is an important tool in helping people be more successful professionally. In one example, recruiters and hiring managers are looking candidates up on LinkedIn as part of the screening process. They’re looking to get a sense of “who” the person is and if they are worth a next step. 


The challenge is that for many who are entering the workforce, they may not have the funds for an incredible headshot or can’t prioritize the expense above more immediate concerns. 


That’s why I’ve decided that for every headshot purchased, I will donate a headshot to someone who may not have the means to invest in one. It gives me the opportunity to double-down on what brings me joy, and help more people be successful. 




When I was starting out professionally as a young man, someone gave me an opportunity through a leap of faith. I seized that opportunity and made it into the career I have today. I’m excited to have this opportunity to give back and help the next generation of leaders be successful.