This headshot experience usually starts with "I hate having my picture taken", and always ends with "I had a lot of fun". I'll keep you on your toes so you can stop worrying about the camera while I capture genuine and engaging expressions.



Your images will pop up immediately on screen, allowing me to coach you, review together, and adjust to find your best angles and expressions. Working together we'll remove "I'm not photogenic" from your vocabulary.



You'll leave with images that captivate the viewer and provide amazing first impressions. Average headshots do nothing for you, but the right headshot can drive new opportunities and success. 

Ok so how does all of this really work? 

Before Your Session

  • We'll have a brief phone consultation so I can get to know you a little and understand your goals for your headshot. 
  • You'll receive a guide on how to prepare for your headshot session. It will include tips on what to wear, makeup advice, etc...


THE DAY OF your session

The big day is here, now what?

  • When you arrive we'll further discuss how you'll be using the images and the look you're going for.
  • We'll review the outfits you brought and come up with a game plan on which ones to shoot.
  • This is about when you'll tell me you're not photogenic and I'll become motivated to prove you wrong.
  • We'll fine tune the lighting, go over some initial coaching and get things rolling.
  • Throughout the shoot we'll be reviewing your images live on screen, working together to showcase your best angles.
  • I'll be coaching you on techniques to deliver badass headshots, all while distracting you from yourself so the expressions are genuine. 
  • When we're done shooting, we'll review and make sure we got what we need and you'll leave surprised at how much fun you had and how great the images are. 


After Your Session

  • Within 24 hours of your session you'll have a link to an online gallery where I've posted your best shots. 
  • You select the ones you want and place your retouching order.
  • Within 24-48 hours I'll professionally retouch your images and deliver them to you electronically.
  • You'll receive the images, jump a little for joy, and get onto sharing them with the world.