I came into the headshot industry as an outsider, with a customer's viewpoint in mind. Having a successful career as an executive has put me on the other side of the camera, and let me tell you, it can be painful. That's why after meeting (and ultimately being coached by) the best headshot photographer in the world, I directed my passion for photography towards becoming a leading headshot specialist with a mindset to shake things up. 


Let's break it down



There’s an art to headshots that takes years to master. In an industry saturated with photographers adding on headshots for an extra buck, I want my clients to know they’re working with a real headshot specialist.


Badassery not Fakery

A badass headshot requires a genuine expression, not a fake smile that people can spot a mile off. This is the secret sauce that separates hero from zero. My process brings real expression from even the most camera shy.  


Enough of a good thing

Retouching (Photoshop) done right can make you look your best while still remaining authentic. Don’t accept over-retouched plastic looking skin and over-whitened eyes. I’ll keep it authentic.



Session Confusion

I never understood why photographers offer sessions based on time. How do you choose between a 30, 60, or 90 minute session? How long does it take to get it right anyway? I keep it simple with one price to deliver badass results.



I like to know what I'm getting when I hand over my money, how about you? Looking at a photographers headshot portfolio should be a display of a consistent look. If it's all over the place, run for the hills.


Lifting You Up

The inexperienced deal with jawlines (double-chins) by shooting from above which just makes you look diminished. I'll show you great jawlines while looking confident and authoritative.


The Wait is Over

Work with most photographers and you'll find yourself sometimes waiting weeks for your images. Nobody has time for that! I’ll turn your gallery within 24 hours and your retouching within 24-48 hours.



Jason Player

MASTER Headshot Photographer

I have a passion for creating badass headshots that showcase people in an authentic way and helps them further their professional careers. 


Coached and mentored by the world-renowned Peter Hurley, I've earned the highly coveted Associate Photographer status in Peter's Headshot Crew; an endorsement reserved for a relative handful of photographers around the world. If you're wondering why this matters to you... it gives you the piece of mind that your personal brand is in the hands of a true headshot specialist.