Scottish Born, American Made

I hail from a land far far away where the left side of the road is the right side, parking lots are car parks, french fries are chips and has the gumption to call the mythical unicorn its national animal.


After spending the first twenty years of my life growing up in Scotland I moved to the United States short on belongings and long on motivation. The idea of America was a fantastic one; large, loud, and proud. The perfect land to bring my unique viewpoint and work ethic to bear. 


My entire professional career has been spent in entrepreneurial businesses as a marketing & technology executive. Photography started as a passion project - it had the perfect appeal for my unique blend of technical and creative skills. Over time as I developed my photographic eye I noticed a large gap in the headshot world. Too many traditional, boring and un-inspiring headshots that were hurting first impressions rather than helping them. I knew I could fill this gap and set out to become a headshot specialist.


Very quickly I developed a passion for the pursuit of genuine human expression. Taking ordinary people, bringing out their best and delivering a result that can have a positive impact on their life.


Coached and mentored by the world-renowned Peter Hurley, I’ve earned the highly coveted Associate Photographer Status in Peter’s Headshot Crew. Why does this matter? It’s a status earned by a relative handful of headshot photographers around the world, and I’m the only one in St Paul, Minnesota. You get the peace of mind that your personal brand investment is in the hands of a true headshot specialist who focuses only on the craft of headshots.


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