Your headshot session is all about you, and you probably have some questions. If you don't find an answer to your question on my website or just want to chat further, please click here to contact me.


What should I expect my final headshot images to look like?

If you haven’t reviewed my portfolio yet (click here), that’s a great place to start to get a sense of what your images will look like. I provide a very consistent, modern and fresh look that will help you stand out from the crowd with genuine and engaging expressions. I use a variety of techniques to make you look your best, yes, even handling that dreaded chin area. You’ll notice I shoot primarily on a solid white or gray background for a fresh, modern, look that puts all the focus on you and avoids that stuffy traditional look.

I’m not photogenic, can you help me?

This is one of the most common things I hear. The truth is, you are, it’s just that for most people it’s hard to be natural in front of the camera. That’s where I come in with specialty lighting, a gamut of techniques, and coaching that will help you find your groove and feel comfortable. As far as I’m concerned, if the expression looks fake, I delete it. I want only genuine expressions that represent you, and I’ll get you there. It’s my job to get you a great headshot, so let me worry about it and just enjoy the process.

Do you retouch the images?

All purchased images are retouched to maximize the visual appeal of the image while retaining a natural and authentic look. Thankfully the days of over-retouching with excess skin-softening and fake features are mostly gone. Images will be retouched to even out skin tone, correct color, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, remove clothing lint, etc…

How long before I receive my final images?

After your images are selected, the retouching will be completed and files delivered within 48 hours in most cases. If you need them even faster, that can usually be accommodated. I’m a firm believer that you should receive your exciting new images as quickly as possible.

What file formats do I receive for my final images?

You’ll receive a high resolution JPG along with some additional versions that include a recommended crop and web sized versions for social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Do I get all the images from my session?

Throughout the course of your session we’ll shoot several hundred images and those will be narrowed down to the images you decide to purchase and will be fully retouched, the rest are deleted. I don’t believe in sending you off with a flash drive containing hundreds of un-retouched images that provide no value to you. You only want your best out there working for you. I’ll help you narrow your selection down and get the best from your session.

Do you have a studio or go on-location?

For individual headshots, I operate out of my studio space using my specialty headshot equipment to achieve my consistent signature style. For corporate group headshots, I can bring my studio equipment to your offices to create the same high quality look without having to send your employees to me.

What should I wear to my headshot session?

The biggest thing to consider here is “Keep It Simple”. We want your clothing to be complementary, but not draw attention from you and your expression. Favor solid colors where possible and avoid busy patterns or textures. For women, avoid distracting necklines, men, watch out for tired shirt collars that have become soft over time or fit loose around the neck. When selecting your wardrobe, think about it as your “logo” to the world, how do you want to show up and does it represent what people expect to see? If you’re not sure, bring it. We have unlimited time so bring lots of options and we’ll go through them and sometimes it just takes experimenting to see what works best for you. Prior to your shoot I’ll also be sending you a guide with more information.

What hair & makeup advice do you have?

Less is more here, keep it light and natural. A headshot is a very close shot so we don’t want the makeup to distract or overpower the shot. Try to avoid heavy eyeliner or sharp lines, eyeshadow, too much blush, fake eyelashes or clumpy mascara. For lips, a clear/neutral gloss works great and become best friends with chapstick in the weeks/days leading up to your session if your lips are suffering from some Minnesota winter dryness.