One Simple Price, Badass Results



Individual Headshots - $275

What's included:

  • One hour session. 
  • Multiple outfits within the session time, usually 3-5 to give you variety. 
  • Mixture of white and gray background options. 
  • Pre-session guide with advice on makeup and clothing selection.
  • Advanced coaching techniques to find the best angles and expressions for you.
  • Live on-screen image review. We'll review, adjust and make sure you get what you need. 
  • Online proofing gallery of your best images to select from, typically 40-50 options with photographers recommendations.  
  • Professional retouching of one final image. Additional images $35 each. 


Add optional Makeup & Hair service for $200.



Corporate / Group Headshots

If you're looking for a group session at your location, I can bring the studio to you. Contact me for more information.

More than you wanted to spend?


I get it, it's just a headshot right? What if I told you the right headshot can open doors for you, and the wrong one can close doors and you won't even know it? People are looking you up in today's digital world and they're going to come to a first impression. You want to look interesting, engaging and come across as a legitimate expert or someone they want to know, not look like everyone else with a "good enough" picture of your head that delivers a lackluster first impression. 


Maybe I'm $50, $75 or even $100 more expensive than someone else you looked at, but what if that small amount could deliver a significant improvement in the experience and end result? Like many other genres of photography, headshots have their share of budget photographers. If you want budget, I'm probably not your guy, but if you're looking to rock your digital first impression then you've come to the right place. 


Still not convinced? I do offer group sessions where you can pair up with another to come in together and reduce the cost a little.