Ever wondered why photographers offer headshot sessions in blocks of time? 30, 60, 90 minutes… how would you know how much time you need? I prefer to keep it simple, with one price, one approach, and no “up-sell” to longer sessions.

With my no-time-limit approach, we’ll take the amount of time necessary to get what you need so you don’t feel rushed. I know you’re busy, so we'll keep it focused and try a variety of outfits and backgrounds to give you the options you need.

As an experienced headshot photographer, I know how to get the lighting, angles and composition right in a matter of minutes, what takes the time is the expression. This is where the secret sauce is and I take a lot of pride in investing my time and expertise to make you comfortable and coaching you towards images that show genuine expressions, confidence and approachability - no fake smiles here.

Did you know that confidence comes from the eyes, and approachability comes from the mouth? You’ll learn about that and more as we work together.

What to Expect

  • You’ll select a date from my online calendar, pay your session fee and receive a pre-shoot guide with everything you need to know.

  • When you arrive, we’ll hang up your outfits and do a quick review. We’ll make a plan on which ones to shoot, what you’re looking for, and I’ll explain the process.

  • We’ll fire up your preferred choice of music and I’ll start with some beginning coaching to get things going. Throughout the session we’ll be taking a look on-screen at the images coming in, coaching through what we’re seeing and making adjustments.

  • It takes a bit to get warmed up, I get it, I’ve been there. Don’t stress it though, before long you’ll be rocking and rolling with confidence and having a blast. This is why I don’t believe in time limits, we’ll spend as little or as much as necessary to get it right.

  • After the shoot, I’ll deliver a proofing gallery of images for you to review and make your selections.

  • I’ll retouch your selections using techniques that enhance the image quality, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, remove excess skin redness, etc.. and deliver high-resolution JPG files, as well as various additional crops and formats for use on social media sites such as LinkedIn.


One Simple Price, INCOMPARABLE Results

An individual headshot session in my studio is a flat fee of $265. This includes;

  • No Time Limit on your Session.

  • Unlimited Outfit Selections - you’ll get the options you need.

  • Mixture of white and gray background options.

  • Pre-session guide with advice on makeup and clothing selection.

  • Advanced coaching techniques to find the best angles and expressions for you.

  • Online proofing gallery of your best images to select from, typically 40-50 options with photographers recommendations.

  • A Five Star Experience that my past clients rave about.

You get to choose the right amount of images for your needs after the session, right from your own proofing gallery. $35 per image including retouching.

This puts you in full control of the overall cost so you’re not paying for more than you need. Not packaging images together in a session fee makes sure you’re not over or under committing, you can simply decide after seeing the results.



Corporate & Group Headshots

Corporate & Group Headshot sessions are available both in my studio or on-location at your offices. Contact me for a quote.


More than you wanted to spend?


I get it, it's just a headshot right? What if I told you the right headshot can open doors for you, and the wrong one can close doors and you won't even know it? LinkedIn and other mediums are littered with average headshots, and that used to be ok, when a headshot was just a picture of what you look like. It's no longer enough, and you’re not average. When people look you up they’re making subconscious assessments that could impact your future opportunities, don’t leave it to chance with a lackluster first impression.

Maybe I'm $50, $75 or even $100 more expensive than someone else you looked at, but what if that small amount could deliver a significant improvement in the experience and end result? Like many other genres of photography, headshots have their share of budget photographers. If you want budget, I'm probably not your guy, but if you're looking to rock your digital first impression then you've come to the right place. 


Still not convinced? I do offer group sessions where you can pair up with others to come in together and reduce the cost a little.