Destination: Wonewok

When we got the opportunity to visit 3M's Wonewok facility, we jumped at the chance. A rare three days "kid-free" couldn't have come at a better time; not only to provide some much needed recharge time, but it also coincided with DeAnn's birthday.

Wonewok is located in Park Rapids Minnesota, 220 miles northwest of the Twin Cities. A 700 acre property with 7 miles of shoreline on Mantrap Lake and Petite Lakes. To say its an adult playground is putting it lightly. Fishing, boating, trap shooting, archery, water-skiing, sailing, biking, there's an endless list of activities to keep you busy. And when you don't really need to pick up after yourself, its amazing how many different things you can do in a day. The staff treat you like royalty, making sure you have everything imaginable, and if they're not around, you can just help yourself to whatever is there. I found this especially enjoyable on the occasions where I wanted to draw myself a nice cold pint of a local Minnesota beer in the lodge bar!

As if Wonewok wasn't amazing enough on its own, our trip began and ended in style, flying there and back on one of the 3M corporate jets. So that's what it feels like to be Justin Bieber...

Rather than drag one of my big cameras and some lenses there, I picked up a Fuji X100S and I couldn't be happier with it. Versatility and performance in a point-and-shoot size. Here are some random shots from our trip, using this amazing little camera.