It's All About The Squinch!

One Move to Look Cooler in Photographs - The Squinch!

With a little practice, you can significantly up your game every time you step in front of a camera.


As a member of the Headshot Crew and being coached by world-renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley, I got in front of his camera. You can see the result below.


Do you know what I'm doing in that headshot? I'm squinching! That's right.... squinching. It's an eye maneuver that's easy to do and amps up any shot. 

If you can nail this one move, it'll instantly up your cool factor in front of the camera. You'll get a shot with much more visual interest than the typical say-cheese activity you're involved in today. 


Check out the video below and learn for yourself. It's actually really easy!